Keywords = Expert system
A Fuzzy Expert System for Policy Making on Roads Pavement Maintenance

Volume 51, Issue 4, January 2018, Pages 449-462

Paria Nasri; Ellips Massihi; Seyed Javad Mousavi; Mohammad Teymoori

Designing an Expert System for Management of Crowding and Overcrowding in Emergency Departments

Volume 48, Issue 2, October 2014, Pages 281-292

Sara Hashemi; Ali Shokri; MohammadReza Amin Naseri; Hossein Akbaripour

An Expert System for Identification of Forecasting Model for Time Series

Volume 48, Special Issue, September 2014, Pages 71-82

M. Lotfi; H. Razavi

Development of a mechanized self- assessment system based on ISO 9004:2000 with using the expert systems approach

Volume 43, Issue 1, December 2009

Kamran Rezaie; Mohammad Mohsen Sadegh Amalnik; Soroosh Lajevardi; Salman Nazari Shirkouhi