Risk Assessment and Management of Petrochemical Transportation Pipelines



Risk assessment and management of petrochemical feed and product transportation pipelines is very important to preventing probable accidents. So, 60 pipelines evaluated by chemical exposure index and chlorine pipeline due to high hazard distances selected for relative risk analysis. The chlorine pipeline with 3468 meter length divided to 100 meter sections, and Third Party Damage Index (TPDI), Corrosion Index (CI), Incorrect Operation Index (IOI) and Design Index (DI) in this line were assessed. Leak Impact Factor (LIF) also calculated by product hazard, leak volume, dispersion and receptors near the pipeline. At the end of the study, relative risk was calculated and recommendations for risk management were offered. The results of study were shown that in the chlorine pipeline, TPDI has highest risk while DI has lowest risk. Also, up to average 22.09% improvement at the RR was achieved by suggested risk management program.