Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Method of Financing the Development of Oilfield Contract Buy Back

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Researcher at Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), I.R. Iran

2 Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), I.R. Iran


Developing countries that have almost oil reserves have no enough mega projects' management ability, technology and finance resources to manage and finish a mega project. Host countries for achievement these technologies and resources have to cooperate with foreign and international companies.  Different contractual frameworks are used in conjunction with obtaining these technologies and covering these shortages. Buy-back service contract is one of these contractual frameworks that are relatively in Iran oil industry. The article is to analyze and examine deferent scenarios according to this framework to maximizing the benefits for both parties through maximizing the produced oil. Deferent scenarios in rate of return as a very important factor in buy-back contracts is to maximize and the new solutions will be introduced.