A Memetic Algorithm for Designing a Capacitated Hub Network under Demand Uncertainty and Disruption

Document Type : Research Paper



Hub location problems are among the extensions of
classical location problems that have numerous applications in designing
transportation, postal, and telecommunication networks. Despite the evident
attention of researchers to these problems, there are few studies on designing
hub networks under uncertainty and disruption. In this study, the capacitated
single allocation hub location problem under demand uncertainty and disruption
is investigated. First, a mathematical model based on budget of uncertainty
concept is proposed, then a hybrid solution method based on genetic algorithm
and variable neighborhood search is proposed. Computational experiments
demonstrate the accuracy of the proposed solution method in solving the test
instances. In addition, the results obtained from conducting Monte-Carlo
simulation experiments to analyze the effects of uncertainty on the performance
of different hub network configurations show the necessity of considering
demand uncertainty and disruption while designing hub networks.