A location Model for Blood Donation Camps with Consideration of Disruption

Document Type : Research Paper



Blood supply chain management is one of the main
challenges in healthcare system. Optimal location
of blood donation camps is one of the key factors in optimizing the blood
supply chain. Disruption in location of blood donation camps because of
disasters will have a negative impact on the entire supply chain.
paper develops a generalized network optimization model for the complex supply
chain of human blood, that consists of blood donation camps, collection sites,
disposal sites as well as points of demand and a
stochastic programming formulation for the
location of blood donation
camps with unreliable facilities is presented.
This model determines the location of blood donation camps and the number of
transfused blood units taken under different scenarios between the components
of supply chain. A sampling-based algorithm called sample average approximation
algorithm is used to approximately solve this model and present the
computational results.