Application of Value Stream Mapping for Waste Reduction in Make-to-order Environment (An Action Research in a Commercial Printing Company)

Document Type : Research Paper



This article discusses the use of Value Stream Mapping
(VSM) in a make-to-order production environment. According to this tool, a
practical study carried out about the way of implementation of lean
manufacturing in a commercial printing company in an action research basis. The
aim of using VSM as a drawing tool of current value stream is to investigate
the ways of process improvement and reducing waste. In this study, after
mapping the current state value stream for making waste measurement, a detailed
root-cause analysis was carried out and various improvement proposals has been
identified based on the principles of lean manufacturing especially the
continuous flow and low level of work in process and final goods inventory.
Because of the importance of waste measurement in different phases of lean
implementation in commercial printing companies as low volume high mix
production environments, a dedicated deficiency measure was developed.