Ranking Zones of Tehran to Add New Emergency Services Using Fuzzy AHP

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran, Iran


This paper presents a multi-attribute decision-making model to rank and select the best zones of the city of Tehran in order to add new emergency services. The purpose of this decision-making problem is to prioritize the zones having a higher need to emergency services, so that the emergency services to people in different zones get optimized. A multi-criteria decision making model is presented on the basis of experts' opinions so that the ranking of the model satisfactorily improves response time to requests of emergency services. A three-level hierarchical structure is proposed and a fuzzy AHP method is used to rank alternatives and the optimal location of emergency services. Also, dependencies between criteria are considered using an ANP method. Paired comparison matrices of decision-making criteria and alternatives are built based on data sets of Traffic and Transportation Studies Organization of Tehran, Geophysics Institute of University of Tehran, and Tehran Municipality Cultural Department.


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