Design Model Innovative Performance Evaluation of Suppliers and Contractors in Construction Supply Chain Management

Document Type : Research Paper


Industrial Engineering, University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


This paper aims to present a model for agile supply chain model in construction enterprises with performance evaluation of suppliers and contractors. Management and selection of suppliers and contractors plays an important role in process of constructions, because contractors are as corner stones of construction projects. Also, contractors are the main factor in converting resources to the final products. Traditionally, contractor selection in construction projects is on the basis of the lowest proposed price. However, there are various qualitative and quantitative criteria with different priorities associated in this regard. In this paper, a hybrid method of DEA/AHP/ FDEMATEL (Data Envelopment Analysis/ Analytical Hierarchy Process/ Fuzzy DEMATEL) is used. First, important and effective evaluation criterion are selected through FDEMATEL approach. Then, DEA/ AHP method is implemented in order to evaluate and to prioritize the selected indicators and to incorporate them in supply chain. Furthermore, agility is involved in the considered supply chain model.


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