Mathematical Model for Fleet Assignment with Maintenance and Aircraft Ramping Scheduling

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, Firuzkuh Branch, Islamic Azad University Firuzkuh, Tehran, Iran


The problem of routing and maintenance programming is one of the most important complex issues of aviation systems. Therefore, the factors that increase the delays and costs and make the passengers unsatisfied must be identified. Among these factors, is the time required for airplane ramping, inspection and maintenance operations that directly affect flight delay and related costs. This paper provides two new models for maintenance programming based on flight hours and scheduling of airplane ramp operations, which minimizes costs and delays. Two mathematical models are solved in GAMS and sensitivity analysis is performed for each. Results of sensitivity analysis show that an increase in the number of aircraft in maintenance model reduces costs, and an increase in the number of machines in ramping model reduces delays. So, based on the result, good performance of the models reduces the costs and delays.


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