Economic design of integrated production planning model based on adaptive synthetic EWMA control chart and maintenance policies

Document Type : Research Paper


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Control charts and maintenance policies are two key tools in the production management. Although there is a close relationship between these areas, in fact, usually they are separately examined and independently used. In order to be closer to the reality, this paper deals with the economic design of an integrated model of production planning based on synthetic adaptive control chart of EWMA. Also, in order to reduce the rate of machine failure, two types of maintenance methods such as reactive maintenance (RM) and preventive maintenance (PM) are considered. Afterward the particle swarm metaheuristic optimization algorithm is used to minimize the total cost of each production cycle due to the statistical quality constraints. A comparative study has also been performed to show the effect of using control charts with variable sampling intervals on total cost. The effects of model parameters on the optimization policies are investigated through the sensitivity analysis. Finally, the results are compared to other studies to show the performance of the proposed method.


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