Author = Taleizadeh, Ataollaah
قیمت گذاری در یک زنجیره تامین دو سطحی تحت سیاست های کنترل میزان انتشار کربن

Volume 53, Issue 2, April 2019, Pages 585-596

مروارید رهنمای رحمانی; عطاالله طالعی زاده

Cooperative Advertising and Pricing in a Competitive Market with Customers’ Excitations Effects

Volume 51, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 351-361

Ataallah Taleizadeh; Alireza Sarokhani

Inventory Control Model with stochastic period lneght and delayed payment

Volume 49, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 69-78

Ataollaah Taleizadeh; Ali Salehi

Pricing and Inventory Decisions of Deteriorating Complementary Products

Volume 48, Issue 1, April 2014, Pages 83-94

A. Taleizadeh; M. S. Babaei