Using intelligent models in ranking IT complementary for new product development process



During the past decade in Iran, Information Technology (IT) has had a deep impact on economy. Many companies have invested on IT and it’s complementary. Despite a vast percentage of firm’s budget is spent on IT continues increasingly, there are evidence which has been illustrate on failure of firms in obtaining the benefits of these expenditures within expected period. This fact nevertheless has caused what may be named as productivity paradox. The ICT productivity paradox (contradictory of research on IT effects on performance in organizations with what the researchers expected) and its complementary assets (by performing such investments, it can be ensure to impact of IT on organizational performance) besides the growing of ICT in new product development project, is faced organizations with one serious question:” in a NPD (New Product Development) project, what is the investment priorities on ICT complementary in order to make the maximum performance level of a project?”. To find the answer, in this paper we present an extensive case study within research strategic units and new product development departments of Iran Khodro, and conceptual research model has been analyzed using neural networks technique. The results for a specific project show that a resource development (such as feasibility study for each product and doing financial assessment) and human resources will have the most important role in increasing project performance in three field of financial, management, and general. The management shall focus on leading and inspiring the team members of projects in order to gain project objectives, meanwhile as it can be possible the project members must be single task. Training the team and making the culture of using advanced technology is one of the other aspects of human resource activity as an IT complementary. In fact by investing on these complementary factors and using their beneficiary besides the IT, each related company would be imagining of performance increment.