A Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Model as a Means of Selecting a Risk Analysis Technique in Process Industry



In recent decade, several methodologies and tools have been developed to undertake a risk analysis in order to prevent accidents in the process industries. Attempts have been made to study and compare these methods. However, yet no method has been proposed to aid managers in a scientific selection of a proper risk analysis method. In this paper, we have presented a Multi Criteria Decision Making for selecting a risk analysis technique in process industry. First, we introduce different risk analysis techniques for process units are first introduced. Then, information about important indicators like cost, time, required input data for the analysis, method output, and method applicability for different stages of process life cycle are provided in order to ease selection of the most proper method. This introduction is followed by steps for selection of a proper method. In this regard, a model is proposed based on the Fuzzy TOPSIS technique which is a multiple criteria decision making technique. Thus, first the required indicators for method comparison are selected, then they are weighted and the resulting simple matrix is solved to acquire a final decision making matrix which in turn specifies the most proper risk analysis method according to requirements of the organization.