The Exploration of the Relationship and Interaction Between the Preparation Stage of BPR Projects and Quality Management Systems (QMSs) Using Concepts of RBVF Model and Dynamic Capabilities (Technical note)



During implementation of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in many organizations, it will be less attention to previous activities and capabilities which they extract from other improvement projects in the past and this would include the costs for doing this effort and activities. Considering these issues are important for BPR projects. Required capabilities before implementing of BPR projects have been introduced for achieving success. The literature has suggested required resources for BPR and various approaches to assessing readiness and implementation of BPR projects. Therefore in this research, a practical measurement tool for required capabilities is proposed to enhance the chances for successful implementation of BPR by mapping these capabilities on preparation step of BPR projects. In addition, the relations between these capabilities created organizational capabilities from quality management systems (COC-QMs) are identified. In conclusion, this research has examined and established two types of operational and special capabilities related to preparation step of BPR and QMS projects, in addition to exploring and describing the relationship between these two types of capabilities using the concepts of building capabilities. The results show that every organization should measure the capabilities such as “Planning and monitoring of business plans”, “People’s abilities in recognizing and understanding customers and stakeholders needs”, “Transferring of managerial and working experiences and knowledge”, “Team working”, “Managers’ involvement in organization’s changing process”, and “Loyalty to total organizational growth within managers and people” prior to implementing BPR. Considering the results of this research, the affect of COC-QMs on DOCs as BPR enablers has been proposed as a conceptual model.