A New Architecture for “Semantic Content Management” for consulting Companies



Consulting companies are encountered with many problems when they are supposed to generate a new document, e.g. a new Request For Proposal (RFP). They already have the building blocks of these new requests but they are buried as implicit knowledge in the unorganized documents of the company. In this paper it is shown how one can use semantic technology in knowledge and content management in order to achieve proper reports for consulting companies. First, the documents are identified and categorized based on their commitments and their chain values in producing organizational knowledge. A new semantic content management model is established based on the ontology of the contents of the documents. Then by using the proposed model the categorized documents of a consulting company are represented on World Wide Web. These representations of the documents provide a clear view of them which enables the managers to compose new reports by combination of many current materials. A software tool is provided and tested for implementation of the idea.