Assessment Human Resources of Banks Using DEA and Fuzzy DEA Approaches



Today, the country's banking system, according to the discussions to join the World Trade Organization is encountered with new challenges such as entry of foreign banks, emerging private banks and increasing the activities of financial and credit institutions. Therefore, in order to survive and compete in this dynamic environment banking organizations require paying more attention to human resources as one of their main pillars. Human resources function for any organization is that which can lead to survival or destruction of that organization. Therefore, in this paper affecting factors on human resource performance are investigated. Then Data Envelopment Analysis method (DEA), which is a common method of performance evaluation in different fields, is used to determine efficiency, rank, surplus of input parameters, deficiency of output values and critical indicators in banks. Since in some real world cases, the criteria for evaluating the operations of employees cannot be precisely measured, a FDEA is proposed to consider the uncertainty existent within qualitative indicators. Then efficiency and rank of banks are determined. Moreover, the ranking results obtained by FDEA with crisp inputs have been compared with DEA using Spearman correlation technique in which a relatively high degree of correlation has been identified between DEA and FDEA with crisp inputs. The proposed approach in this paper can be utilized for ranking, and investigation of human resources efficiency and suggestion of optimum human resources operation in any banking organization.