Volume & Issue: Volume 45, Special Issue - Serial Number 626033, December 2011, Pages 1-142 (Special Issue نشریه مهندسی صنایع) 
Metaheuristic Based Multiple Response Process Optimization

Pages 13-23

Mahdi Bashiri; Reza B. Kazemzade; Anthony C. Atkinson; Hossein Karimi Karimi

Global Meta-Model for System Level Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Pages 39-49

Yaghoob Gholipour; Parviz Mohammad Zadeh; Mohadeseh Sadat Shirazi Shirazi

Inventory Control of Perishable Items in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain

Pages 69-77

Fariborz Jolai; Elmira Gheisariha; Farnaz Nojavan

The Impact of Bullwhip Effect in a Highly Volatile Market

Pages 95-102

Ahmad Makui; Seyed Jafar Sadjadi; Nazli Karampour